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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Happy birthday, Natalie!

Happy birthday, Natalie!  I can't believe you are SIX!  Yesterday we had a little day of fun including such big events as getting your ears pierced! WHAT!?  I still can't believe you wanted to.  A few weeks ago you started mentioning that you wanted to do it and so I said "how about on your birthday?"  and you were aaaaaall over that!  So proud of you for getting through it.  The lady had to do one ear at a time and as soon as you felt the first one you started to cry but were brave enough to get #2 done.  SO proud of you, hunny.
Your first pair of earrings are 14k white gold crystal daisies...pink!

 After you were done we shopped around Claire's a little bit and you made a b-line for the My Little Pony stuff which you have been into for about a year now.  You found some adorable braided clips, a necklace/bracelet combo and a diary---with a lock.  Are we there already?  You told me that I was going to be the only one who could read your secrets.  :)  That will change soon enough, but I'm happy with that honor for now. ;)
After we went to your favorite place to eat lunch, P. Terry's (you LOVE their burgers and that's all you ever eat there) we came home and you watched a movie with Mama while sister took her nap.  After dinner and yummy cupcakes you got to open your presents:  A musical Elsa doll, Frozen undies and a HUGE bubble maker!  You were so excited and appreciative, I love your heart.

 You had so much fun (even though sister acted a LITTLE jealous during your day) it was still great and memorable for you, well for me at least. :)  I hope you always have beautiful days like these sprinkled throughout your life.  You are an amazing little person with so much strength, wit, intelligence and true shining beauty.  I LOVE you for who you are and what you bring into my life.  I'm so thankful that you are my little girl, my joy, my heart.

Again...happy birthday, monkey....I love you ---infinity.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Happy birthday, Haydee!

Hayden is three....Yippee!!  You, my little firecracker, are growing by leaps and bounds.  I'm so completely proud of everything you have accomplished in your short little life. :)  We had a party with close friends and family the Saturday before your birthday...a unicorn party!  That is all you wanted for months before hand so I made it happen.   Here are a few pics from your special day!

 Unicorn cake!

You  had so much fun: ballons, cake, friends, cousins and unicorns!

We celebrated your real birthday outside playing with icicles!  It rained during below freezing temperatures so we had a bit of a "winter wonderland" of icicles all of the place.  
Before cold weather fun was mommy's traditional pancake breakfast complete with chocolate chips and candles. :)

 YAY!  Notice that you are wearing the exact same outfit you wore for your party 'cause you loved it so much I couldn't tell you no!

Ice, ice...Haydee
 My best picture/example of how much ice we had.  It was too much fun destroying all the ice in the backyard. Mommy had a little fun too. ;)

 "Mommy!  Watch...now take a picture!"  (as you through icicles into the air)  I just love you.

My little Haydee Belle...you are so full of personalty that it oozes out of you onto others.  You are stubborn and definitely KNOW what you want out of every single day.  You are our family comedian, always keeping us laughing.  Sometimes it takes a while for Daddy and I to get our point across but you are at least willing to learn your lessons.  You love to tell stories, mostly at bed time.  You ask me to start but then you quickly take over.  My little free spirit and my shadow all rolled into one.  You made us so proud and happy to have you in our lives.  Keep growing and being you!

Love you more than you know!!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Teeth, friendship and new adventures!

The fall and holiday season proved to be very busy for Mommy.  Natalie started kindergarten which she really really loves!  You have thrived and learned so much in such a short period of time.  Reading, writing, math and science intrigue you and every time you come home with something you did at school I beam with pride.  Mrs. Woodfin is your teacher and you have a great relationship with her.  Your best friends are Evelyn (who you clicked with from the beginning), Emma, Sofia, Bennett (whom I think you have your first crush on----I think you forgot all about Adam Levine! ;)  You actually have so many friends and talk about them daily.  They all seem to really love you right back.   Last week you had an accident in the classroom where you slammed your mouth on the corner of a desk (a story you will likely be telling your grand children).  There was no permanent damage to your adult teeth (which haven't come in yet) but you are going to need 4 teeth on top extracted in the next week or so.  It was so scary for Mommy because I was visiting my Granny kind of far away so Daddy had to come pick you up as I raced to the dentist to see you.   It was much scarier to look at and you couldn't even look in the mirror which made me so sad.  Luckily you didn't have very much pain and you were allowed ice cream and pudding for dinner.  :)  THAT didn't  make you upset AT ALL!! ;)  We are pushing through it and you came out stronger than ever and I am so inspired by your bravery, Natalie.  You are who I strive to be like.   On a side note:  today is the 100th day of school!  We've had a few snow/ice days this year already and today is a two hour delay but you woke up in a rush to get to school for the celebrations.  so cute. ;)

Miss Hayden!  You, my hunny, are talking so much and have developed this funny little personality.  I would say you are growing by leaps and bounds, but only in the intelligence department.  You are still wearing size 2T/3T which I suppose is right on the mark for an almost 3 year old. :)  Can you believe it?!  3 years old in just 4 weeks!  I can't believe it.  You are still my baby.  I've been sort of putting off potty training you because you just haven't seemed ready.  Daddy kinda forced me into it, so I accepted that I did want you to lose the diapers cause frankly I'm sick of them!  I was pleasantly surprised by how well you've done!  The first day I put you in only big girl panties and you had a couple of accidents which is understandable, but you got better at going on the potty!  The next morning (yesterday) was rough, you didn't really want to, but got more into it as the day went on and had ZERO accidents!  You even pooped just before bed which was amazing to me since you seem to have trouble with it.  It freaked you out but you did it!  We made a huge deal about it and you are SOOOO completely proud of yourself.  I am so proud of you too!  You have by far exceeded my expectations.  I'm sure there will be accidents and much more learning but we are so on the right track!

I love both of you so much and can't wait to see how the rest of 2014 will pan out!  You are both my pride and joy and my cup is overflowing.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

End of summer....Beginning of school!

I can't believe summer is just about over!  We have done so much.  Natalie graduated from pre-school and then we went on vacation!!  Beaches, bike rides, great food, exploration and a dolphin show.  Doesn't get much better for an end of summer family trip!  The road trip to Florida, however, was not exactly "magical." Hayden threw up within 15 minutes of being on the road.   Since we woke up at 3:45am to pack the car and get everyone in, it was a bit much for us all.  I don't think I even felt "right" until about 7am.  It was kinda rough on us all, but we were able to see all the sights of the gulf coast and get to our beach house before dinner.  You guys loved sleeping together in your own room (two big beds pushed together).  Nap time was even better because you got  to watch your fave cartoons, (well Natalie watched,Haydee sleept :)).  Hayden was kind of scared of the loud, crashing waves of the ocean. Sadly, there was lots of rain storms while we were there, which made the ocean pretty angry. :)  I think you cried EVERY single time we got down to the beach but you warmed up quickly when we got the buckets and shovels out.  We did so much exploring and picture taking, mostly in the evening.  That is when the sun and surf were the most beautiful.  There was also a mid-week trip to Gulf World!  That might have been mommy's favorite part of vacay. We got to pet the sting rays....and I was surprised that you both wanted to!  :)  Next up we watched the sea lion show and later on it was time for Nat's fave...the dophin show!  We sat in the "splash zone" which I didn't really expect to be as wet as it ended up being. ;)  We were soaked!!  Natalie, you got to shake hands with one of the stars of the show (a dolphin named Sandy) and you loved it so much.  At  first you touched her nose, and weren't supposed to, but I'm just glad she didn't bite you!  She must have known you were a little girl and treated you gently.  Love dolphins!!  During the week we also went on bike/trike rides down to a few towns, for breakfast and other things.  You guys were in a little trailer being pulled by daddy. :) It was so fun and a great way for mommy and daddy to get some exercise!
It was sad to leave and Natalie you were just not ready. :( Alas, we had to head home because in a couple of days you were going to start kindergarten!

Summer Days...

 Rain, rain go away!
 Exploring at sunset...

 Natalie called this the "golden sea"

 Chasing mommy!
Mom drew a huge heart in the sand and we did the cliche jump!

 Fun and relaxation on the beach.

I love Daddy!!!

 Splash zone...before and after!

Yes that's mommy being silly!

 Meeting the star of the show, Sandy!

Our last night in Florida, watching football as daddy explains the rules.  :)
It was such a magical trip and we all miss it terribly!

Until next time...

We didn't have much time to get ready for the first day of school, so we did all we could before we left for vacation.   Natalie.....KINDER!!  I can't believe it (and it's already been 2 1/2 weeks!)  You are having such a blast and learning new things every day.  Your teacher's name is Mrs. Woodfin and so far you really like her.  Waking up extra early (since we walk to school) and spending the day there, then the walk back home has been wearing us all out, but I think we are about to get into our groove.  You also started dance class once a week and are loving that as well.   Miss Hayden, you are liking spending extra time with mommy and being my little helper.  You have such a personality and can be hilarious.  :)  You have grown so much in the last few weeks and just had your first dentist appt!   It went ok until the dentist got your tongue with her buzzing toothbrush. :(  We are having trouble with potty training but it will soon be in full swing, no turning back.  

Let the school year begin!!

 First day of kinder!  you are adorable and the kids in your class love ya!

Walking to school with mommy.  This was so hard for me I wanted to SOB the whole way.  :(

 Already at work. Mommy is still holding back tears in this picture. 

First day of ballet/tap class. :)  So proud of my pretty ballerina! 

It's going to be an exciting year for us!  
Love you both to the moon and back.  I'm so proud of the little ladies you are becoming. :)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Today, you are FIVE.

Natalie!!  YOU ARE FIVE TODAY!!!  I can't believe that.  Where has the time gone?  I think I said that because EVERYone says that.  I don't feel like time has flown at all.  I've tried my best to soak up every little second of your life as I could.  Some days I want you to nap for 5 hours, but most days I want you with me 100% of the time.   You are a bright shining star in the sky of our lives.  I can barely remember what life was like before you were born.  No other time was ever this amazing.  Its so weird to have a little person so similar to me, yet so opposite.  You are a people person.  You love a good party or play date.  You say hello to any kid you see on the street, even some adults.  You love to chit chat and make people laugh and make them happy.  I'm opposite with my social anxiety, but being near you makes me feel more at ease in most any situation cause I know how you are and I always feel like you are counting on ME to be the best I can be.  You have changed my life in so many ways and were the first to give me a love I never knew existed.  I feel like the old me walked off and a new me walked in the minute I held you in my arms for the first time.

Your superhero birthday party was so fun. Swimming, games, playing with friends and cousins, a rainbow cake with ganache frosting.  You wore a word girl costume that I TRIED to make.  You loved it and that is all that matters to me.  :)  You got LOTS of my little pony stuff and lots of art supplies!  You are a FANTASTIC artist and I'm blown away by what your little mind comes up with and puts down on paper, every single day. I wish I could keep you home from public school to keep you away from any influences other kids might have on you but I gotta let you go.  I don't know why, but everyone says I gotta. :(  You are THE most perfect first child a mama could ask for.  I'm so proud of the little person you are growing up to be.  I love  you...to the moon and back.  Now here are a few pics from the par-tay!!  More celebrating tonight!!  Happy birthday, monkey!!


Playing with your cousins and friends in the pool!

 "Teaching" Dylan how to swim :)

Birthday girl!!

Cousins and BFFs :)

Make a wish!

Rainbow cake! 

Aww...love from Miss Jules :)


You had such a fabulous time and this picture says it all!!  I love you so much honey!!  You are my everything and always will be. :)  I wish for you a thousand more fantastically happy years to come.