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Monday, July 23, 2012

Thrifting Mama!

I've always liked thrifting, but never had a place for it in my house of new(er) furniture. I married a man who likes it that way and that was ok....just have always felt like things were off or missing in my beautiful house. Yes, I have always thought it was beautiful with my dated asian/modern accents. Ever since my girls entered the picture is when I really started wanting more colors and different kinds of character and home-y charm. For a short time the only brightness was in their rooms. I had a deep red accent wall in my dark-ish master bedroom that I painted a light blue when Natalie was around 2. It felt so amazing to take that red out! Soon after I experimented with the world of fabric art. I used pillow cases that came with some new bedding I got. Hot glued some faux flowers and voila! I was hooked. Maybe I have too many fabric pieces now, but I am loving it. Pinterest is my lady and I really feel like it has opened up some windows and flown open a few doors that have been closed for too many years. My creativity has been stored away because all I have concentrated on is the girls and losing the baby weight. I feel so energized with projects in my head. I feel so alive with the creative juices pumping. The only problem I have is needing it to be done now...and when I mean now, I mean like 30 minutes ago. :) I get kind of irritated if I can't get something to work right or if I'm missing a piece or tool. UGH. BUT...luckily I can usually get it done after a tiny amount of stress. I really feel like ME and truly amazing when I am creating and pulling ideas together. I hope I have at least 3 projects in my head for all of eternity. To me it's that extra piece of something that keeps me happy and fulfilled in my sweet little life. I think it's because that is who I am. I am a creator. I have visions that need to be applied and worked out and brought into reality. Honestly, while I'm doing it I don't care what anyone thinks about me. I am in my own little world and I feel such pride in my work. I hope that when you grow up you find something that makes you feel special, unique and completely wonderful. That "something" for me is obviously being your mommy, but also being the person who brings brightness, sparkles and creativity into our little world. :) My dream is that you will always think of your mommy that way. XO, Mom

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