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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hayden is WALKING!!

YAY!! My baby is walking!! I was washing dishes last night and my hubby says, "Hayden's taking steps!" For the last couple of days she has been taking one step here and there, but I never expected her to get brave and venture out! :) The girls went to bed a little later last night than usual because we just wanted to watch Hayden. :) Natalie was sorta unimpressed, and I think a little jealous. She's still happy for her sister, but made sure to mention that she walks too and that Hayden wears her baby clothes. ;) I wasn't sure Hayden would remember that she walked this morning, but as soon as I set her down she started tottling off. :) She kinda walks like her sore mommy. haha...stiff-legged. She moves SO fast, makes me nervous but she seems to know how to balance and falls on her butt. It's so bitter sweet and surreal to watch your baby take off walking...but I'm so proud. She has been walking toward the TV to dance to the music this morning, then over to their play kitchen. I joikingly told her during dinner last night, before she started taking steps, that she had two weeks to work on it so she could keep up with all the other kids at her birthday party. Apparently, she took me serious. ;) SO AWESOME! I now need to get all my cabinet locks out. SO proud of you Hayden!! XO, Mom

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