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Monday, February 27, 2012


The girls have been sick for days. Natalie started sneezing like crazy on Tuesday and I thought, "oh no"...sure enough..sick. I waited for two days for Hayden to start showing the signs and I thought for sure she was in the clear when it all happened. Nothing worse than your kids being sick. I worry about fever, stuffy noses=not breathing well; coughs and all that comes with it. The girls are on the mend and feeling better today, still snotty, but better :) Everyone has slept so well during the "sickness" so I can't complain too much. This weekend I made tutus! It was so much fun and it rekindled my love affair with crafts. I bought some new things to try for jewelry design and started making/assembling headbands. Since my hair is short short short, I have come to love the feminine touch a flower or stylish headband brings to the look. :) You COULD say I'm addicted to them! Crafts give me a mental escape. Hayden and Nat play around me, and I just zone out enough to feel my juices flowing, but still be aware of what they are doing. Tutus were super easy and a total blast! Check out you tube for the super easy tutorials on "no sew tutus"...easy and cheap!

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